Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Project by Christian Nold

I hate to jump around but I found this article and its is part of the answer to the bread tabs. Bread tabs and tagging homeless people.

Christian Nold, artist, lecturer, designer, cultural activist ... etc, makes a lot of maps, collective maps. He has an on going map on RFIDs. The goal of the map is to provide an overview of the battle of language in the socio/techno/cultural space and to show the connections between language and actor networks.

In order to gather the data for the map, they are currently organizing participatory workshops as well as interviewing people with experience and ideas around RFID.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Shoot the Runner..

New Mission- Stalk the stalker, infiltration of Paparazzi culture... I'm a new metal(media) collector for onMatter, a publication and feed out there for the critical survey of material... matter... It focuses on globalization as a reformed city-state, opposed to national-city-states of imperialism. Welcome to Los Angesleeez, the city of stars and excess.

Who are the documenters? La Paparazzi. Sifting through grocery line snuff-n-fluff magazines, names seep to the gutters of the staple fold 9x11 prints. Starting with the lowest risk factor, those names lead to identities. These names are here for copyright, are they artistic expressions? Flashes with a candid Cannon? Of the names here are some:

Dave Hogan- getty images
Colin Drummond- splash news

Karl Larsen- nf photo
Ethan Miller- getty images

Edward Le Poulin- splash news

Polk Imaging- wireimage
ay Throunton- nf photo

Chip East- landov/reuters

Mike Segar- landov/reuters

Danielle Venturelli- wireimage

Nonato Sardella-wireimage

Dave/Shinnn- Bauer-Griffen

Seth Browarnik-wire image

Gabriel S/Dean M - BM Bauer-Griffen

Bruce Glikas - Drowey 2007

GS- X17
Gaz Shirley-pacific Cost News
Ben Tsui - Splash News

Pinpoint on Dave Hogan and the Getty Image Crowd...
Photographer name: Dave Hogan
44 Location: London, UK
Bury, Lancashire, soon after moved to Wales He has the copy write to this photo.

On the Collective: Splash News...
This is a blog that pays you(me, your momma's momma) for their snapshots.

The next step:
and Typologies of these voyeurs.

paparazzi like macs

Friday, October 19, 2007

It's so easy...

if you listen to John Maeda's Laws of Simplicity.

Law 1: Reduce
The simplest way to achieve simplicity is through thoughtful reduction.
Law 2: Organize
Organization makes a system of many appear fewer.
Law 3: Time
Savings in Time feel like simplicity.
Law 4: Learn
Knowledge makes everything simpler.
Law 5: Differences
Simplicity and Complexity need each other.
Law 6: Context
What lies in the periphery if not the peripheral.
Law 7: Emotion
More emotions are better than words.
Law 8: Trust
In simplicity we trust.
Law 9: Failure
Some things can never be made simple.
Law 10: THE ONE
Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful.

John Maeda is one of my heros. Also, Benjamin Bratton might slip in to that category. I sat in on his object as media class tonight and will be attending the rest. In the class, he said one of the most poignant statements of advice I have heard in a while.

Max the Unlikely and Max the Inevitable.

how poetic.

I would love to add this to my rules to live and work by, which I need to publish on this blog any way.

lade os arbejde sammen!

Bjork Christensen and myself have teamed up to tackle the Just Jerusalem Competition. We have started a new blog as part of tracking the process and possibly becoming part of the design propaganda on its own. Please check it out!


Why Bjork and I decided to work together:
We both look pretty in photo booths, though he out pretties me.
But for better and actual reasons, we were both converging at a transparent virtual wall. My transparent virtual wall was the glory holes. For him, it is the connection for the digital and physical spaces connected opening up a transparent wall.

I will probably posting more to that than this blog. I will still be injecting this one with the topics and projects that are involved with it.

Keep reading!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

kingdom come!

"From the beginning of our republic," Elggren said, "we had it in our minds that everyone who is dead is automatically a citizen of Elgaland-Vargaland. And if any of them didn't want to be, they could file a complaint, and we would remove them from the list."

Welcome to Elgaland-Vargaland!

Never heard of it before?It's been around since 14th of March 199. Where is it? It's the area of all the borders between countries. The founders Leif Elggren and CM von Hausswolff are not by any means a Louis and Clark. They are two Swedish Artist's collecting the empty space, the contested space if you will. Not only do they hold claim to the No Man's Land or Border Crossings, they occupy digital and civic space. They define civic space as psychic, self contained and appear in every citizen's mind by will or chance.

The Hypnagogue State, the border area between waking and sleeping, is dreamspace where the citizen’s consciousness is still in operation and where the physical sensation of limitlessness occurs. One enters this area when they declare its existence as part of the kingdom.

The Escapistic Territory functions in the same way as the Hypnagogue State, but the citizen is awake. I would say this is almost like a waiting room, its where one dwells when wanting to go some where else. It's a daydreamscape of personal projection, the space you inhabit while you are there in a room but not there mentally. Other mental and civil territories could also be annexed such as the borderline zones of mental diseases, near death experiences, hypnosis and mesmerism, telekinetics, telepathy, suggestions, strokes, delirium, various influences of drugs (such as peyote, LSD, ecstasy, cannabis, thinner, ether, alcohol etc), speaking in tongues, religious ecstasy, artistic inspiration and expiration, possession by spirit, good or evil, dusk and dawn, terror, love, orgasm, interference, the state of contradiction or hesitation, hard disc crashes, computer viruses, frequencies, fission or the fusion of particles.

The Digital Room is a digitally programmed territory that is a borderless space; an existing
global meeting place.

So does the wall in Jerusalem count? Are we just adding more real estate to this new kingdom?

Sunday, October 14, 2007

the GOOD life

In the most recent issue of GOOD magazine, there was an article by Sam Slovick on Skid Row.

One poignant quote is :

“I been in the cut down here since I was strung-out kid,” says Menjivar. “These people, I know most of them by name by now. Down here are people doing things I still can’t believe, even though I see it every day. They’re living like animals, right by all the million-dollar lofts and all the yuppies practically running them over in their Beemers and Benzes. It’s America. That’s how we do it. At lease they’re not dumping people here as much anymore...You know, there’s a lot less people down here than there used to be. That’s a fact. What I would like to know is … exactly where the fuck did they all go? Where’d they bury the bodies?””—William Menjivar

Good question. Are "they" already making plastic out of homeless plasma? or are people just getting off the streets?

The article proceeds in saying how the homeless of Skid Row are migrating. In talking to Jeanette Rowe, who runs the Emergency Response Team for Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority, the location of the homelessness shift is revealed.

“The first call we got was from Little Tokyo, saying there were homeless encampments starting there,” she says. “It’s heading out to the South L.A. area and east towards Boyle Heights. We’ve also been finding families living in cars."
People are living in and out of welfare hotels next to sex offenders to move to temporary housing and then to a concoction called permanent affordable housing.

What is the problem? Housing! Homes! Is that what is missing just daily storage for the body?

Friday, October 12, 2007

In process...

On a side note of combinations...

Check out Stelarc, he's a zombi and cyborg in one. His ideas lead to a WHOLE NEW BALL GAME. What if you could make a wall out of ears? or Biologic parts still living?

I am really excited.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Where to go from here?

Here are the diagrams that I presented Oct 5th for a pin up that we had. Each of these four express the individual elements' typology: Homeless: This profiling system is the one from Homeless In Los Angeles:

Glory Holes: Looking at the possibilities for points of connection. Also the hole itself:

Bread Tabs- Looking at the body and the shape of each type, here, the most commonly found:

Fruit: Connecting through shared nutrients, the fruits can then be located in neighborhoods near the observer. The hopes for this is ultimately a website incorporating/collaborating with Fallen Fruit:

And how do these four systems/profiles converge?

element//disconnected from ///reabsorbed though

persons//society///plasma====>can be turned in to plastic for human transplant parts
Glory Holes=
organ//body///the device is now a point of connection, the wall is no longer a point of alienation
breadtab//function of closure///could be made by Polylimonene Carbonate, a plastic from orange rinds, or could be implanted with tracking devices like PITtags
fruit//industrial agriculture///neighborhood grown or integration and the awareness of these free floating fruit and excess garden vegetables, food for homeless persons

So where too now...
I am looking at how to communicate these points of intersection, looking specifically at film but also potentially max/msp/jitter.
Yet I really want to start to focus on the Jerusalem competition, pulling mainly from the glory holes. Looking for the wall that gives anonymity yet connection. What does a wall do normally? put ones in or out of exile. Also, just to throw this around, popularity as a form of a wall or exile.

What are the desires of exile?....

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Home, Homeless on the Range...

As you can see, California has the most population of homeless people. This study measures the amount of homeless persons in the city. California has 170,270 homeless people, the most in the country.

Not only does LA Bus people downtown to fake addresses after they are released from hospitals and prisons, but it is rumored that the eastern state cities ship their homeless here also.

To add to it in August of this year:

Making good on a promise to trim the state budget, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger eliminated a $55-million program Friday that advocates say has helped thousands of mentally ill homeless people break the costly cycle of hospitalization, jails and street life.

What if there was a way to provide portable housing for people who wanted it in some fairly economical fashion. Instead of just giving money to the centers how about giving people a way to earn "attachable housing" or parasitic pods that attach to the existing urban environment. Plug and play. Nomad equality. Some how it can run of the energy of garbage or food waste.

Just throwing it out there...

An Adventurous Day

I woke up this morning, and read some more Shockwave Rider. Got on my bike with some of the recycling I had been collecting and road off down Alameda Street. While on the bike in traffic, a homeless woman wondered around me and other cars asking for change. She would' t talk to me when I asked here where she was from. Road towards 6th on my way to the recycling center and met a homeless man just siting on the curb. He was from Massachusetts. He asked if I had change and I gave him my bag of cans. I thought it was fair. That would have been the change I gave him if I had turned it in. Right?

I then made my way down old skid row. (DUM DUM DAH) Note: this is all during the day time. even the homeless said don't go there at night.
I first go to the Midnight Mission.

I make some new friends while I walk inside the gate. There are just people spread out everywhere on benches and bags. I brought my bike in and then some woman who had a badge on and white shirt started to yell at me. She asked what I was doing there and why and I can't bring a bike on to the patio. She directed me to talk to a person inside who bounced me to another who bounced me to another. All I got after that was a card of someones who I need their permission to ask the people where they've been since they strive for an anonymous environment. The shelter is a point of sanctuary. I move on.
Alot of people also sleep in the adjacent park. I noticed more families there. The next mission was between 5th and 4th on San Pedro. No court yard. This one seemed more like a hospital. I went in and talked to a guard who told me to wait for one of the directors and then ultimately the director said no questions for these people. Ok.

I then head to the LA Mission. On the way I found a bread tab so I thought everything will probably work out with me asking. I ride up. Park the bike. And go in the gates. This one was the most relaxed than the others. They let me talk to the people but not the ones who were taking classes at that time. I asked the main supervisor if he knew anything about people being bussed in from different cities, specifically New Orleans after Katrina. He said it was news to him.

Here are the results of my efforts, as from what people told me:
  • 2Massachuesetts
    • 1 Boston
  • 1 Iowa
  • 1 Rhode Island
  • 1 Washington State
  • 3 Texas
    • 1 Houston
    • 1 Beaumont
  • 1 Guatemala
  • 1 Chicago, Illinois
  • 1 Ohio, Massillion
  • 16 Los Angeles,
    • 1 Compton, LA
  • 7 Mexico
    • 3 Vera Cruz, Mexico
  • 1 New Jersey
    • 1 Fort Dixon, New Jersey
  • 1 Pittsburgh
  • 1 San Diego
  • 1 Puerto Rico
  • 3 Detroit
  • 1 New York City
  • 1 Rochester, New York
  • 1 Peru
  • 1 Washington DC
  • 1 Las Vegas
  • 1 Honduras
  • 1 St. Petersburg, Florida
  • 1 Philadelphia
  • 19 New Orleans, Louisiana, who all got bussed after Katrina
  • 1 from outer space

All this information has been mapped on the Homeless map that is on the right side of this blog.

I ended up talking to a guard named Renard for a bit. He has been working security for the mission for the past 15 years. He said he was working on a movie about Skid Row, not a documentary. He said not everyone who is at the shelter is homeless. He said people come down there to hang out, smoke up in the yard, buy crack at the corner, run away from domestic situations, or just stay there if they don't want to go home. He said it is a place where people run away from responsibility. Another Other Space if you will. This is also similar to the paid avoidance places in Shockwave Rider, but these places are free. Free food. Free Clothing. Free Shelter.

I met another man walking around, nicely dressed with a manila folder. He said he was a economist. He thought I was studying sociology. The guard asked me if I was a social worker, when I said architect he asked me to draw something. The manila folder man also confirmed that during the winter months other cities bus there homeless to LA so they don't have to house them. Tons from NYC, Philly and what not. So come November, we will see an influx of the homeless population in Downtown LA.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Validation points!

I wanted to put this up here. Over all I think it helps to validate my idea of making the "vernacular spectacular. " I need to start throwing a tm after that.

This is an abridged version of the crit/talk I had with Ed Keller over Skype:

ok, first: I think you should be careful about the fake personality baiting people online. That stuff has an all too high percentage probability of cascading back into reality.
First thoughts
the homeless/gloryhole/breadtabs and fruit do all connect in a weird way.
And depending on the way it's read, or the people you track, it could
be positive, transcendent, etc... or on another line, pretty evil.
So... step lightly....
im sorry you could you explain, evil isn't my intent.
Oh I didn't mean your agenda!!!! it's basic: if you create a false id with another gender, etc, and for one reason or another folks out there who might have a higher [infinitely?] pain tolerance
level begin to take interest... that's not what you want.
I am just suggesting caution, you know, basic common sense. it's a caveat emptor, or more professionally as a representative of SCIArc,
I have to say 'stop!' be careful.
right right right.. ok i thought the connection of the 4 elements had
an evil part to them... with he alt. persona, i don't reveal
anything, just to find out where the location is. i haven't gone
physically to these holes yet because i was afraid to do it alone.
Also, if you are using so many interfaces for deployment, you are creating a meta profile that will make it easy for the motivated individual to find o0ut who you really are. CF oyur platial uses. so you have to be savvy. For example I have no idea what you might expect if you visited a site, but i would guess that you could get into any range of situations. So, once again, and then I'll move on:
please be careful, and know what you are doing. LA is a crasy nasty place like all big cities [ and plenty of small ones]. with that said. I think that there is a theoretical value to the
glory hole stuff...the website you found which tries to situate D&G in that space. But, as I mentioned in the earlier email- depends on how rigorously one reads the whole BwO thing, and what one might imagine it would mean to have 'an organ'. Personally i think they were not against organs of any kind, but against a paradigm that saw the world only thru
superficial conditions which could then be ascribed to what one saw at the macroscopic level as an organ. an eye, an ear, a sense, a finger, skin, etce etc.
Now I don't want to sound too dry and cautious and hoity toity about old D+G and how they should be read. Cause I see some pretty interesting connections between the scope of the different populations you are starting to map. The breadties are real, there are billions
of them, but there are almost totally insignificant. I checked that [humorous[ taxonomy website. So it seems that there is a meta theme that you are developing, which
is something related
im in contact with the guy who started it. he's in Berkley, studied
invertebrate zoology and sculpture now he does visual effects on the
computer like "monsters and spaceship" and ive been in contact with other bread tab enthusiasts so they can help me map it
that is great. it is a subsubsubculture, but nonetheless a very interesting one.
I suppose that the concept of the SPIME that bruce sterling talks
about will ultimately be present even in bread tabs.
so i have to ask you as well, if you find one please tell me where
you find it, street address or about and if you can photo graph it..
have you read Pynchon's novel Crying of Lot 49?
a reasonable wiki:
Now, why am i mentioning this?
well, pattern recognition. Fredric Jameson has a number of things to
say about Pynchon's amazing ability as a voyant, in his own book Geopolitical Aesthetic.
And Pynchon is so good at seeing the connections bettween seemingly
unrelated things. And finding pattern even in things like, well, breadties...!
seems that you are concerned with use value- and to the way that
taxonomy of seemingly tiny, or dislocated bodies- might accrue to something much more significant.Anyhow, one theme I see here because you focus on the homeless- which
has a deeply ethical potential reading- and on the fallen fruit,
which also raises an interesting issue vis. access, energy, legal lines and lot lines, etc etc-
is that you are concerned with agency that each of these bodies would have.
yes, each having individual agency but having a catalyst affect on each others
I think- to cut to the chase here- that
you have to CLEARLY state
what you think each bodie's ability is [individual or collective, vis- one homeless person, or a million bread ties] and then you have to abstract that knowledge, so that you can
understand- through diagrams, maps, perhaps scripting- the way that a
generalized version of each agents' abilities could migrate to other agents.

you mentioned it all connecting a-la Amores Perros.
looking for a mechanism for their intertwined narratives/existances
to to expose themselves
OK. Could be fictional; like Amelie, which Bjork was looking at; ? there are great examples of those kinds of narrative. Red by Kieslowski. City of Lost Children has some amazing 'Rube
Goldberg' type sequences of connectivity. Amateur by Hal Hartley.
Or could be real world where you track real connections, energy, etc expended....
it is also to me a fascinating book because it deals with a lot of territory that Bataille covers in Accursed Share Vol. 1, but F-Galiano never footnotes or mentions Bataille. Which I've thought is weird. Ah, well there you go. And the issue of energetic accumulation in
systems is definitely present in all four of your examples. And expenditure, too. And excess.
It might be an enjoyable read for you and help the project. I liked the book a lot.
thank you. im on it.
OK. well in summary I would go back to a comment I made a little while ago.
There have got to be aspects of each population you are dealing with that can be connected to via design moves. I would say that any analytic you pursue should always be looking
for the design parameters and how they will inflect the individ/population behaviors. Does that sort of make sense? I hope so, it's a little vague, but think of the way that the design of the bread tie could change through a minute inflection the way it is used, or in a technologically inflected way [say it was biodegradable over six months] would then change the way it affects the landscape/ ecosystems- or if embedded with RFID tags, would change tracking of loaves of bread and indeed the users/eaters of the loaves... and
provide a really amazing map of those populations....

Pretty thorough and thick. more later...
I have to go scope out some homeless...

More, more, more...

How do you like it? Well some people deffinately like it through the hole. Just to throw these out there: here are some things you'll find on craigslist:

I'm Looking for Public Sex - 34

Reply to: pers-436916202@craigslist.org Date: 2007-10-01, 8:06AM PDT Married Bi Guy here looking for public Glory Holes to use. Love to get my 7" cock sucked off through an anonymous hole. No questions asked, just suck me off. 34, 6-1, 175#, hairy chest, 7" cut with big loads. Let me know where I can go get serviced. Isn't that just charming? Married bi guy. What a great profile. On another note, there are a lot of posts that are asking where the glory holes are. I guess there is not directory. No wonder I have not had many hits or answers to my posts.

Where are all the glory holes in the valley? - m4w - 33

notice the male for woman!

Any Glory holes available this morning - 38

Reply to: pers-432535410@craigslist.org
Date: 2007-09-26, 6:47AM PDT

Looking to visit a glory hole. Nochit chat or BS. I come in and find the hole. ( maybe just a sheet in the hallway. I enter and you do your thing. white clean 6'2 225 thick 7 " cut

That one is really low key, sheet in the hallway. That's a design build problem.
I am making a grid dash tree diagram of the functions and participators of glory holes.
I have a lot of graphic photos and will be using them . I am pulling out my old faithful Edward R. Tufte book to keep me company also.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Better Explained Intentions..

This is an email that I wrote to Ed Keller to tie everything together. I've been meaning to write this in the blog so I am going to just copy and paste.

Hello ed,
i wanted to give you more preface on what I'm doing. I haven't gotten every everything on the blog. I am profiling these 4 things to find the overlaps and unorthodox relationships through juxtaposition.
(placed in order of scale)
1.Homeless Persons
2. Glory Holes
3. Bread Tabs
4. Fruit

Each already have profiling systems that are imposed on them. The Homeless classifications are posted on my site, the glory holes are being collected by myself(ill describe my methods), the Bread tabs also have a system found at www.horg.com which is posted on the blog, and the fruit have the nutritional contents that are derived from their chemical make up.

All three have points of travel and anonymity. The homeless are separates from society, the glory hole separates the organ from the body, bread tabs become "homeless" after their purpose of closure is complete, they be come noise or litter in society. The fruit suffer from diaspora, as some oranges from california sit next to others from New Zealand at the Grocery store. Those fruit are "in" the system while the fallen fruit are not.

For collecting info on the glory holes,
I have created an alternate personality for myself. (no real name is picked yet) but *******@*****.com is a 23 year old bi male, with more details if necessary.
I have been baiting people on craigslist and also this squirt.com to find out the location of these phenomena.

So where am I going with all of this...

Right now other than still collecting info and collaborators, I am trying to decide what medium to use for displaying all of this. I am working on a prototype for the fruit website, connecting the fruit by nutrients then location

the homeless and the bread tabs and glory holes are in the process of being mapped via platial.com
those have links to the blog.

i see all of this coming together in an amores perros fashion. the non connected interlaced in a narrative or something on those lines.

This led to long informative skype discussion. It was great. So more to come.

PLEASE IF YOU FIND ANY BREAD TABS or BREAD CLIP or what ever, please tell me where you found them and if you could take a photo of it. Thank you!

Monday, September 24, 2007

I See You....

Where are they? What are they? Where did they come from? What are they made of? Why am I talking about this?


What started as an occasional appearance, turn into my friend Margot's obsession. That obsession found its way into some of
her friends. I was one of the victims. Though I have only collected them to send to her, I have wondered of their existence.

While looking in to Taxonomies and Profiling, I came across
the Holotypic Occlupanid Research Group. And after thinking about it, they have a closer parallel strings to the other topic I am perusing. These unnameable creatures are a product of industrial society. Where would be we with out bread tabs? Our bread would get moldy, our orange would roll away, our potatoes would have sewn bags, etc. There purpose other than bread tabs are hard to explain. Even for their purpose holding bread bags closed, bread tabs (I know this is blasphemy but) were not completely necessary for society to evolve.

Another site calls them transactoid has a collection of 1000 or so. This is from around 2000 so who knows how much he has now. This is what it is on the site. The site is hard to read:

The bread tag collection process is a long and complex procedure. This explains the seemingly outdated bread tag collection count. The bread tags are harvested quickly from all new incoming bags of milk, orange juice and/or bread. Upon initially discovering the presence of a new bread tag, the bread tag is removed and placed into the Bread Tag Collection Receptacle, or, the BTCR; otherwise known as my pocket. This continues on an on-going basis

the duration of the day. At the end of the day, any bread tags that have accumulated in the BTCR are extracted and assembled onto the Bread Tag Temporary Storage Unit, or BTTSU as we like to call it. The BTTSU provides the means necessary for the bread tags to grow to critical mass. A picture of the BTTSU can be seen below:

Once the bread tags have managed to reach critical mass, they are removed from the BTTSU and placed into the BTCD. This, the Bread Tag Containment Device, safely stores the bread tags for an indefinite amount of time. It is a metallic, cylindrical container capable of withstanding massive impact forces such as dropping it on the floor from several feet or hitting it with an inflatable mallet.

]\Bread Tag Species
]Bread tags are identified primarly by the number of pincers located in the bag containment center. There are subspecies which have varying numbers of gripping pieces. The basic parts of a bread tag can be seen below:


Species Characteristics Population Notes
  • Contains 3 pincers in the bag containment centre.
  • Subspecies I contains no gripping pieces.
  • Subspecies II contains gripping pieces.
  • Of the 7.1% of subspecies I, 100% are white.
  • Of the 22.9% of subspecies II, 93.8% are coloured.
  • This represents the largest proportion of coloured bread tags.
  • There exists a very rare white variety of subspecies II. This particular bread tag has only been observed once (top left), comprising merely 1.4% of the bread tag population.
  • Contains no pincers in the bag containment centre.
  • Subspecies II contains gripping pieces.
  • Subspecies I contains no gripping pieces.
  • All 2.9% of subspecies II are of the coloured variety.
  • All 2.9% of subspecies I are of the white variety.
  • Research shows that both subspecies I & II exist in equal proportions.
  • Contains one one pincer in the bag containment centre.
  • Has no gripping pieces.
  • Makes up 7.1% of the bread tag population.
  • They are all white; no colour variation has ever been observed.
  • Contains 2 pincers in the bag containment centre.
  • Features gripping pieces on the outside.
  • These make up 57.1% of the bread tag population.
  • 15% are of the coloured variety.
  • 85% are of the white variety.

Bread Tag Terminology

Bread Tag - A small piece of plastic varying in dimension used for keeping bags closed. They feature two pressure tabs used to hold close the bag, and small gripping pieces to assist in easy tag removal.

BTCD - BTCD stands for Bread Tag Containment Device. The BTCD is used to isolote the bread tags for an indeffinite amount of time.

BTCR - BTCR stands for Bread Tag Collection Receptacle. This is simply a holding spot for the bread tags, and is nothing more than a fancy term for a pocket.

BTTSU - The Bread Tag Temporary Storage Unit is a large clip that holds the bread tags until they reach critical mass. It acts as a transition zone between the BTCR and the BTCD.]=

]Bt/D - Bread Tags per Day. This is the unit of measurement used to indicate the rate of bread tag accumulation. A rate of 1 Bt/D indicates an increase of 1 bread tag over a period of a single day.]

Critical Mass - The critical mass is the point at which any further buildup of bread tags in the BTTSU would result in a catostrophic failure of the BTTSU, and result in dozens of bread tags scattered across the floor. This point has never been reached, and hopefully it never will be.]

KBt/D - Kilobread Tags per Day. This represents a buildup of 1000 bread tags per day. Such a rate would inevitably cause a deadly, irreversible chain reaction in the BTTSU resulting in massive death and widespread damage.

One might think bread tabs don't exist because they are not on
wikipedia. (Also wikipedia is listed as misspelled on this spell checker.) They are listed as bread clips or bread tags.
The bread clip was invented by Floyd Paxton in the 1950s and manufactured by the Kwik Lok Corporation based in Yakima, Washington with manufacturing plants in Yakima and New Haven, Indiana.

Please check on the side of the blog for more websites and info for the bread tabs/tags/clips.
But please, don't eat them!

Friday, September 21, 2007

And they keep knocking harder.

I want to get into this site that I just found but I really don't have the energy and I want to continue diagramming.
They even quote Deleuze! This is an awesome article and we will discuss tomorrow/later today.

One Last thing,,,

Well, what do you think about this guy?

and Thanks Keith Haring.

Service Provision Areas, let's hunt me some homeless...

So they've got tracking homeless down to an equation. Through Service Provision Areas (SPA), the department of statistics of UCLA found that in the County of Los Angeles tracked that there were 64,000 homeless people in 2005.
I have to throw drug use into the mix also for the homeless population. There are a ton of studies so now I need to start narrowing it down from them.

Back to Glory holes(ps that link is pornographic), I've started mapping what I could. Here are some places, feel free to augment. Most of the glory holes that I have been mapping so far have been gay ones, the link I found has led me to interacial heterosexual glory hole-ing.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

loss of identiy and edge conditions?

I have stumbled across a preexisting way that homeless are categorized or at least identified.
This is what it means to be Homelesss In Los Angeles:
(notice this is strait off the website...)

Homeless Definitions

Chronic Homelessness - An unaccompanied homeless individual with a disabling condition who has either been continuously homeless for a year or more or has had at least four (4) episodes of homelessness in the past three (3) years.

Homeless - A person is considered homeless only when he/she resides in one of the places described below:

  • In places not meant for human habitation, such as cars, parks, sidewalks, abandoned buildings (on the street).
  • In an emergency shelter.
  • In transitional or supportive housing for homeless persons who originally came from the streets or emergency shelters.
  • In any of the above places but is spending a short time (up to 30 consecutive days) in a hospital or other institution.
  • Is being evicted within a week from a private dwelling unit and no subsequent residence has been identified and the person lacks the resources and support networks needed to obtain housing.
  • Is being discharged within a week from an institution, such as a mental health or substance abuse treatment facility or a jail/prison, in which the person has been a resident for more than 30 consecutive days and no subsequent residence has been identified and the person lacks the resources and support networks needed to obtain housing.
  • Is fleeing a domestic violence housing situation and no subsequent residence has been identified and the person lacks the resources and support networks needed to obtain housing.

Sub-Population Definitions

General Groups:

Family - Family is defined as any of the following: Minor parents with child(ren); one or more adults with legal custody of minor child(ren); a couple in which one person is pregnant; grandparents or others who are legal guardians with child(ren) present; multi-generational families with grandparents, parents (adult child) and minor child(ren).

Individual - A person over age 18, not accompanied by minor child(ren).

Specific Groups:

Domestic Violence, Families - Families that are homeless due to an abusive partner. The abuse could be physical, mental, or emotional. The cause of the family homelessness or housing instability must be related to domestic violence.

Domestic Violence, Individuals - Individuals who became homeless because of an abusive partner. The abuse could be physical, mental, or emotional.

Dually Diagnosed, Individuals
- Individuals who are substantially limited in one or more major life activity by mental illness and alcohol or drug addiction. Persons with other diagnoses qualify under multiple diagnoses.

Elderly Homeless - An elderly homeless individual is 62 years old or older.

Homeless Emancipated Foster Youth - Young adults who have reached majority age (18 years), were in the foster care system and who now have no other home.

Homeless Veterans - An eligible Veteran is defined as one who: (1) served on active duty in the US armed forces for more than 160 days and was discharged with other than a dishonorable discharge; (2) was discharged or released from active duty because of a service connected disability; or (3) served on active duty during a period of war, or in a campaign or expedition to which a campaign badge is authorized.

Individuals with Disabilities - A person has a disability if she or he has at least one of the following: (1) has a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits a major life activity, (2) has a record of such an impairment, or (3) is regarded as having such an impairment.

Individuals with multiple diagnoses - Individuals whose ability to live independently is impaired by two or more of the following conditions: Physical disability (including HIV/AIDS), mental disability, substance abuse. This may include a diagnosis of multiple physical disabilities, multiple mental disabilities, or the combination of the two.

Mentally Ill, Families - Families in which at least one member is substantially limited in one or more major life activity by mental illness, based on confirmed clinical diagnosis, or initially by referral or staff assessment and later confirmed by clinical diagnosis.

Mentally Ill, Individuals - Individuals substantially limited in one or more major life activity by mental illness, based on confirmed clinical diagnosis, or initially by referral or staff assessment and later confirmed by clinical diagnosis.

Substance Abuse, Individuals - Individuals who have acknowledged addiction problems related to alcohol and drug use and who seek services or housing to support their sobriety.

Youth, 12-24 - Unaccompanied persons, age 12 to 24. Youth may have run away or were forced out of their home and are not in the company of a parent or guardian, and who may or may not be legally emancipated.

I am also looking for other ways to profile homeless person but this is quite thorough.

And if any ones knows where to find a glory hole please tell me. Thanks.