Thursday, February 9, 2012

Missing you.

It's been sometime since I've posted. More to update later.
In the mean while- I have been asked to take part in the Gestures Show at the Mattress Factory.
More to come soon. I am working with a collection of folks.
check them out!

Nina Marie Barbuto - maker who energizes an architecture which needles and challenges self definition.
Dee Briggs - artist who works with fearless lyricism in raw material.
Nick Durrant - interactive designer who thrives on strategic thinking.
Jeremy Ficca - architect and educator devising news ways to construct forms of elegance.
Pablo Garcia - artist, architect of the conceptual investigation, seeing no media as too new or old to be passed through a prism.
Jenn Gooch - artist who bears clear witness to the world we recognize but dare not know.
Ling He - specialist in a world of architectural fiction and fantasy.
Matt Huber - architect-thinker and writer who will refine all definitions and leap to new conclusions.
Nick Liadis - architect of sound, theorist searching for a tectonics of music.
Transformazium - creative collective rooted in Braddock with revolutionary practice.
Gill Wildman - activist skillfully capturing the imagination and generating fresh forms of engagement.
Spike Wolff - artist, architect, educator who continually provokes new readings of our reality.

Friday, June 3, 2011

This was SOOO one of my projects

Read about what they are doing in COLORADO- thanks tree hugger.

But they for got the part about harvesting the homeless's plasma!Gross i know but It was what I was talking about in 2007.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

back breaking

I know I have been lagging in posting. I have been making things happen.
I just feel that I need to at least address the media issue right now. Human expression is something that is protected under some governments and denied under others. People express information through media. Media includes contextual landscapes and technology. The action always goes back to the person and the translation of information in media. Foot prints in sand is a translation of time and being in media. Displacement and change of ink and pixels is a way to translate and convey information through media. The documentary was current until last week. please share.

Fuck media control.

Monday, November 15, 2010

writing on the walls.

This installation project by
slovakian artist roman ondák is a living infographic. By plotting of visitors’ heights, the mean
will become increasingly apparent over the four months at the temporary stedelijk.
I am in love with the layering and personal interaction. This reminds me of the playroom we had in the basement of the house I grew up in where when my friends came over we would document our heights and our names amongst other self-expression graffiti. It's something so simple that every age can understand yet the implied aspects are phenomenal. I am curious to know if there is a stop animation or other documentation for this piece to then become a piece on its own.

I also wanted to bring up mr. Mel Bochner's work in relation to this. Though one could see it as artistic antics, I feel his work as a precedent is really powerful and playful.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

what is a paradigm?

We keep talking about shifting it but ... what is it.. Georgio- take it away!

also- when will metaphor be dead in architecture? aka when are we going to stop using metaphor as means to creating the real? or even why are we just not creating the "metaphor" in the first place...

Saturday, October 16, 2010