Thursday, February 9, 2012

Missing you.

It's been sometime since I've posted. More to update later.
In the mean while- I have been asked to take part in the Gestures Show at the Mattress Factory.
More to come soon. I am working with a collection of folks.
check them out!

Nina Marie Barbuto - maker who energizes an architecture which needles and challenges self definition.
Dee Briggs - artist who works with fearless lyricism in raw material.
Nick Durrant - interactive designer who thrives on strategic thinking.
Jeremy Ficca - architect and educator devising news ways to construct forms of elegance.
Pablo Garcia - artist, architect of the conceptual investigation, seeing no media as too new or old to be passed through a prism.
Jenn Gooch - artist who bears clear witness to the world we recognize but dare not know.
Ling He - specialist in a world of architectural fiction and fantasy.
Matt Huber - architect-thinker and writer who will refine all definitions and leap to new conclusions.
Nick Liadis - architect of sound, theorist searching for a tectonics of music.
Transformazium - creative collective rooted in Braddock with revolutionary practice.
Gill Wildman - activist skillfully capturing the imagination and generating fresh forms of engagement.
Spike Wolff - artist, architect, educator who continually provokes new readings of our reality.

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