Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Project by Christian Nold

I hate to jump around but I found this article and its is part of the answer to the bread tabs. Bread tabs and tagging homeless people.

Christian Nold, artist, lecturer, designer, cultural activist ... etc, makes a lot of maps, collective maps. He has an on going map on RFIDs. The goal of the map is to provide an overview of the battle of language in the socio/techno/cultural space and to show the connections between language and actor networks.

In order to gather the data for the map, they are currently organizing participatory workshops as well as interviewing people with experience and ideas around RFID.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Shoot the Runner..

New Mission- Stalk the stalker, infiltration of Paparazzi culture... I'm a new metal(media) collector for onMatter, a publication and feed out there for the critical survey of material... matter... It focuses on globalization as a reformed city-state, opposed to national-city-states of imperialism. Welcome to Los Angesleeez, the city of stars and excess.

Who are the documenters? La Paparazzi. Sifting through grocery line snuff-n-fluff magazines, names seep to the gutters of the staple fold 9x11 prints. Starting with the lowest risk factor, those names lead to identities. These names are here for copyright, are they artistic expressions? Flashes with a candid Cannon? Of the names here are some:

Dave Hogan- getty images
Colin Drummond- splash news

Karl Larsen- nf photo
Ethan Miller- getty images

Edward Le Poulin- splash news

Polk Imaging- wireimage
ay Throunton- nf photo

Chip East- landov/reuters

Mike Segar- landov/reuters

Danielle Venturelli- wireimage

Nonato Sardella-wireimage

Dave/Shinnn- Bauer-Griffen

Seth Browarnik-wire image

Gabriel S/Dean M - BM Bauer-Griffen

Bruce Glikas - Drowey 2007

GS- X17
Gaz Shirley-pacific Cost News
Ben Tsui - Splash News

Pinpoint on Dave Hogan and the Getty Image Crowd...
Photographer name: Dave Hogan
44 Location: London, UK
Bury, Lancashire, soon after moved to Wales He has the copy write to this photo.

On the Collective: Splash News...
This is a blog that pays you(me, your momma's momma) for their snapshots.

The next step:
and Typologies of these voyeurs.

paparazzi like macs