Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Future Movie 1 from nina marie barbuto on Vimeo.

breath taking medias (take me back)

Hollis Brown Thorton lives and works in a warehouse studio in Aiken, South Carolina. He is quite amazing.
This is his MARKER piece VHS. Quite stunning, I must say. I put a larger one at the end of the post. Here is another piece of his that i admire:::
The title for that one is "nternational Working Party For Documentation & Conservation of Building
Sites & Neighborhoods of the Modern Movement." Snazzy.

Here is a snip from his artist statement that I really enjoyed.. "The environments in the work are constructed of both the tangible and the remote, things that are already understood and things in a vague state of formation. For instance, images in the photographs are tangible aspects of reality, frozen moments in time, people and places that exist, or at one time existed. Erasing or obscuring elements of the photograph puts the situation in a state of transition. Adding the lines and drawings adds other influences and potentials. Sometimes these lines are controlled by the elements in the photograph and sometimes they are completely independent. But the figures in the photographs, they are the reason the myths exist, they are the questioners who come up with the stories and explanations, so their environment is altered to represent these uncertainties and changing beliefs."

Friday, May 21, 2010

awesome things...

This... is totally worth your eyes... Eric Wareheim is a genious.. and a great dodge ball player as well... this one is also freaking great. Just throwing the awesomeness out there for you...

Sunday, May 16, 2010

artfully urban..

Slideluck Potshow is a non-profit organization devoted to building and strengthening community around food and art. Casey Kelbaugh, dt Their objective is also to promote public appreciation of the visual arts and to provide art education opportunities to school-age children in New York City. Participants in the slideshow exhibitions are encouraged to take creative risks, in terms of content and presentation, and to not just show their portfolios. This is not a way for self marketing. Each slideshow exhibition has a section with a theme, as well as non-themed section.
At each Slideluck Potshow event, the exhibition is preceded by a potluck-style dinner. Attendees bring food and drink, as the evening begins with two hours of dining on the home-cooked delights of the participants, while drinking and mingling. This brilliant combination is what was attempted at the G.R.O.W.W. potluck/craft nights. Where Slideluck brings it to the next level is through the Slideluck Youth Initiative, an after-school workshop targeted for New York City public middle and high school students. It is designed to increase education and participation in the visual arts. SLYI has formulated a 12-week curriculum that includes lessons from guest photographers and field trips to local photo studios or galleries, and culminates in a student slideshow exhibition.
I want to get in touch with the founder Casey Kelbaugh and talk to him about starting one in Pittsburgh. I feel that we could pull off a really successful one injunction with the I Made It! Market.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

open source urbanism PGH

This was my proposal for Pittsburgh's Civic future. It was for a gallery show that the Pittsburgh Architectural Club on for the Downtown Artwalk. Gerard Damiani reinvigorated this staple of architecture conversation in Pittsburgh. Hey Cultural Trust and Mayor Lukie, hire me for ideas.

Open Source Pittsburgh from nina marie barbuto on Vimeo.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

i (keep) making it. ..

Back In PGH. Some Updates.. I have returned to the I Made It! Market, which I helped start with Carrie Nardini. She has been keeping it going since I went to LA three years ago. She has helped it to grow to beyond belief. Now, some things to look forward too!!! Next Saturday we are joining up with Pop Up Pittsburgh to put on a mini-market for the Hilltop communities of Mt. Washington(yes we have one in PGH too), Arlingon, Elliot, Beltzhoover, and etc. That is happening May 15th. THEN! We are having a nothor mini-market May 22 at Venture Outdoors Fest! Then in June, we have a lot going on. We are joining with WYEP, WildCard, and the JCC!
I hope to see you there!