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Monday, March 23, 2009

Stuff IT! You're Full of IT. I've Had Enough!

Old news, I know, but this could be the next great wave of graffiti, edible graffiti. Though it could also be considered just a prank or a malicious act (but really only if your a diabetic or an anorexic or have some food phobia), pieing really is a declaration of space and occupancy much like graffiti. This is a different way of tagging but actually marking the figure. It's saying "have your cake it and eat it too you jerk." From Wikipedia:: Pieing is the act of throwing a pie at an authority figure, politician, or celebrity as a means of protesting against the target's political beliefs, or against a perceived flaw — arrogance, hubris — in the target's character. Perpetrators generally regard the act as a form of ridicule to embarrass and humiliate the victim. In some US states 'pieing' may conform to definitions of battery, but not assault.
Now there is also caking which involves cake. Here is a healthy list by wikipedia as well of those who have been Pied. These delicious acts have been carried out not just by individuals but by brigades as well. Some to note are Les Entartistes,Biotic Baking Brigade, and Bakers Without Borders. An infamous one is the pie throwing anarchist Noel Godin. "We only attack the wicked--the great and the wicked," aka all politicians. When French Rally for the Republic party bigwig Nicolas Sarkozy visited Brussels in February, he was pursued through a downtown conference center by 30-odd people carrying pies and equipped with cameras. He was hit three times. "People are mad today, and this form of burlesque terrorism hurts nobody," says Van Hiel, Godin's companion and sometime accomplice. "The cream pie is the arm of the weak and powerless."

I was thinking how over architects I am. How pompous most of them are. How cocky they are. How many cocks they try to shove off as architecture.... I feel the time is now. YES NOW. For the people of the world to give them their "just desert." I am starting on a new mission. And it starts here::

Who's with me?

Friday, March 20, 2009

i had to ride the bus to santa monica to take care of my brother so i wrote a lot on the way...

Spoke and Poke Driver

Cross those knees and unbutton those lips, it's the greatest show on this side of the frozen hemisphere. Weren't the stuffed bipolar bears scrumptious as the inventory vomited from the mausoleum? Make shift rears and gears got you from Tempe and back. Hold this while


tie my shoe. Did you know I could balence hats off of Prince impersonators as well? It's cool frostbitten figments were the last texture I knew of yours so


finger bang my tonsils again this week. Broken accordion staircases


more after the future was published. Let me tell you about this cryptic trip tic your saliva and I took just

to say

I love it when you each peanuts and tobacco. Are you feeling and filling me up to the brims and bottoms with lollipops and lolly gaging? You kept asking me to gag and grapple more than your Adam's apple and bananas foster. My mouth's full again can you repeat what you said. I got lost down there in between I forget and

I'm sorry.


Fictional Poster Child

Narcissistic egg layers and stretched out laryngitis landing pads became fresh kitsch TV dinner just like in the movies. Biking through the BladeRunner tunnel on a daily basis continues to act as a face lift for chemical imbalances and nuclear membranes. Patronizing my knotty ligaments


gets milk to shoot through my nose. Let me tell you what happened last night while you were choking on oxygen and dust bunnies. All of a sudden we were in the park but really in Ireland with cliffs under our knees. Backdrop fiber glass bricks made better intents than your fists. King Kong doesn't live here any more. And all


can say is something or another about the weather vanes in Kansas becoming extinct like the partiarchy. I can't wait for the popcorn or your acned back to hatch. It's 8 o clock,


you coming in my mouth or on my ear because the blindfold you left on left skid marks. This is getting a bit too extroverted for an afternoon luncheon. Wherever did you get that hot sauce sucking routine? We were floating on mattresses and title waves enacted their eminent domain

everywhere I

forgot my sunglasses. It was my first blockhead carving and cellular mysticism all wrapped up in 2 concise spheres. This is entertainment. This is an octopus. This is just what's been between most of my fat layers and physical sheet slappers for 10 years now. Man times a grasshopper and I can't smoke enough. Don't believe me? Just take a



Look how cute Jesse Buckner is as she goes to kick some ass in the Pittsburgh Delegation for the National Bike Summit. With her are Erok, Scott Bricker and Maurice Tierney.
Go get'em.

It's Alive!

Choe U Ram is an amazing artist from South Korea. He has a deep understanding of robotics and creates these organic like structures that "live" autonomously almost. His show entitled Anima Machines was at the SCAI The Bathhouse gallery in Japan. Anima means soul in Latin. These things definitely have a life of their own. One of the best part of his work is that he treats these sculptures as specimens and gives them scientific names as well. This beautiful specimen is Una Lumino, 2008
Scientfic Name : Anmopispl avearium cirripedia URAM
The materials are Metallic material, machinery, metal-halide lamp, and of course electronic devices. Here is the description from U Ram's website::
According to a recent report from United Research of Anima Machine- U.R.A.M,
a brand new species of mechanized sentient creatures has been discovered
operating within communities.
Said to exhibit sophisticated and uniform behavioral patterns, this new species has been observed communicating actively with each other in colonies not unlike those of bees and ants.

Communities of these species gather and collect to form a giant mass of pulsing, breathing light, where they exchange information about where to find city energy, their main source of sustenance. Despite the inexistence of leaders or orders due to lack of command system, they seem to operate through interactive communication. When the lump with congregated independent living entities shines brilliantly, larvae swim in the air towards it and attach themselves.In addition, their eggs and larvae are reported to generate light by themselves. This living entity also emits redundant energy where city energy is necessary through communication by means of light. When looked down from a night plane, the city lights seem as if they are breathing,
and some are actually the scenes of these living entities’ interactive communication. Although these living entities are not easy to be distinguished from city lights due to darkness and distance, observations are occasionally made on their swimming act in search of greater community to adhere to.
This living entity has the form and movement the same as that of sea acorn (barnacle), which collects city energy in the air by moving their hard mouth.
They often attach themselves on some surfaces in factory machinery rooms, basements of old buildings and colorful neon signs within places with high human population density. It has been reported that the discovery of mechanical living entity community in the form of a giant bee hive is the first in history.

I love it how he talks about energy as well. mmmm sounds familiar....

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

my fortune cookie today...

"you are an individual interested in foreward thrust and the future"

Monday, March 16, 2009


Craigslist Concubine

Anabolic diets and diaphragm meters clogged more than the arteries exiting the city. Criminally speaking, I can't take my eyes off of you or any other cat scratched mustang romping through Boyle Heights. It's not that high that


can't regret not ever seeing it. It's less and less that I see your courageous blue eyes replaced by females wreaking of Koffi Anon. Last night, the groin and the makeshift testicles did me in only partially in preparation for turkey basting and drainage. After all the book reports and pornographic film reviews I have spit and swallowed for your own traumatic asymmetries you'd think that you'd

want you

to be the only bees between my knees. Really, I am in the armpit shaving cream sundae. Ex-LAX and sponsorship from other undigestible matters flooded the CNN freeways, stroking my rear. There is this truck that you talk about on a daily basis. The sheet metal kept crinkling under our twinkle toes. I am not terribly certain about the immediate need

to destroy

every last parking spot this side of Fairfax. I am not moving till June. I caught myself bare lip kissing bricks again with broken bottles of Tapatio. Was it a mistake to tell you everything on the menu at the tamale hut was awesome? Never mind the dog and my little pony show, I tend to strip bare after carrying my unicorn up the steps. These dreams post rubdown are getting more and more lost highway. But really, it was never more revealing than all the spelling mistakes that you couldn't tell


Thursday, March 12, 2009

the wheels on the bike go round and round...

and on his truck as well. a friend of mine, Zach Lihatch is currently trucking around while pedaling his book! (ha ha ha) He is putting together a book that documents bicycle cooperatives and co-ops in the US. If he comes your way, please send him some support. Here is his blog where he's been keeping track of his adventures thus far. Below is his mission statement::

Four the past four years, Zach has been involved with BICAS in Tuscon, AZ. BICAS (Bicycle InterComunity Action and Salvage) is a cooperatively-run non-profit Community Center that through bicycle advocacy and recycling bikes, promotes education, art and a healthy sustainable environment. In conjunction, it provides services and opportunity for those in need.
The emergence of places like BICAS has occurred relatively recently. 10 years ago only one or two such projects existed. For a little history, BICAS itself was created in 1989 with a different mission than bikes. It was to help the homeless and originally called Bootstraps to Share, operating out of someone's garage. In 1994, Bootstraps to Share organizers decided to focus on what the group did best encourage people to ride bicycles. Thus, BICAS was born. BICAS is one of the country's oldest bicycle co-ops, along with Boston's Bikes Not Bombs and New York's Time's Up. It is only appropriate that Zach started his journey there. Now almost every major city some type of collectively run community bike space. Many of these groups have organized a network and meet at a national gathering to discuss their tactics, success stories, and challenges. All across the country, community bike shops have become a powerful resource, impacting all who come in contact with them.
I would even go to say that they have become a staple in our generations society. I almost expect there to be a bike co-op in every city because I grew up with one as well. (shout out to free ride!) It's weird that that's what I assume. Fortunately, every city I've gone to in the US there's been one. Right after I moved to LA (like that week) I found a bike on craigslist and brought it to the Bicycle Kitchen. It just happen to be Bitchen Kitchen, the ladies night. I didn't know any one in LA and it was so welcoming! And re-affirming to be able to be fixing my bike in a strange new place.
Bicycle co-ops/collectives are the actualization of strong ideas. This once viewed as a sub-culture occurrence has blossomed into a current and appreciated amenity of the city and culture of its own. Zach's goal with this book is to bring attention to the bicycle co-ops and collectives and give this new and promising movement the recognition that it deserves. This next part is a direct quote (I've been paraphrasing thus far) but its too beautiful not to say it as it::"Thus far, there are many people who are involved in such endeavors, and countless others whom I believe could benefit from the knowledge that there is a practical and viable alternative out there. As individuals and communities, we can empower each other to reject those forces in the world that hold us down and to replace them with something much better. Through photo documentation, interviews and film [Zach] will be offering a glimpse into an alternative that is flourishing. "
It brings tears! So great! and SO TRUE! When I fix my bike and turned my Motobecane to a single speed all by myself I felt so empowered. This sounds lame. But bicycles truly contribute to bodies in space working in complete freedom. They cross lines of occupantcy and rights. When you are on your bike you become this beautiful hybrid of flesh and metal. With cars, you are still just in a pod, your energy is not recycled in any way and there is abundant waste. Freedom and mobility are extremely important to me and to what I think are everybody's rights (that and the right to information.)
So! Please contact Zach while hes on his journey. This book should be pretty awesome.


on the edge of awesome nesss.. here are some sneak peaks of what im making now specifically for this art book im doing with kendo. we are trying to blow minds. and not design anything. or architect for that matter. My work that I will be putting in will be analog collages, a sewing paper piece which has a name that i forgot, and some digital mash ups from images that I made during my architecture educational career, specifically undergrad. So here are some of the images:: Please tell me what you think. The CAAAAAAT one is more of a joke.

Monday, March 9, 2009

my new bike.

it feels like im riding the same thing.

poem from a few weeks ago.

Santa Barbara School

I was christened by deli slices and vanilla wafers but nothing nearly digestible as your rump. Merry weather middle names kept us pregnant with ha has and hot air. Maybe it was a mistake to tell you in parcel post how


tastes like you out west. Open granges and cast iron ranges left us tripping on Joshua Trees. I prefer to be an ivy intoxicated median in your meta mph movements. Don't tell me breakfast

is more valuable

than Joy Division Public Enemy mashups. Wait, you lost your monorail ticket and you want to shower in my shoes? What happens intothe seamless stream line audible bass jam and beats?
It pieced out the mountain tops. AFrames in southern California told better bed time stories

than my

local RV clearance mart. Just imagine a nomadic spit shower in a rain forest of for rent signs. Did you see it under the concrete and skid marks? Your gingivitises bleeds just as well as Cubans for


Monday, March 2, 2009

home sweet home

This is in Aliquippa, PA, where I grew up. It's outside of Pittsburgh.. This is the building where I should have been all along.

Sunday, March 1, 2009