Friday, March 20, 2009

i had to ride the bus to santa monica to take care of my brother so i wrote a lot on the way...

Spoke and Poke Driver

Cross those knees and unbutton those lips, it's the greatest show on this side of the frozen hemisphere. Weren't the stuffed bipolar bears scrumptious as the inventory vomited from the mausoleum? Make shift rears and gears got you from Tempe and back. Hold this while


tie my shoe. Did you know I could balence hats off of Prince impersonators as well? It's cool frostbitten figments were the last texture I knew of yours so


finger bang my tonsils again this week. Broken accordion staircases


more after the future was published. Let me tell you about this cryptic trip tic your saliva and I took just

to say

I love it when you each peanuts and tobacco. Are you feeling and filling me up to the brims and bottoms with lollipops and lolly gaging? You kept asking me to gag and grapple more than your Adam's apple and bananas foster. My mouth's full again can you repeat what you said. I got lost down there in between I forget and

I'm sorry.

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