Monday, March 23, 2009

Stuff IT! You're Full of IT. I've Had Enough!

Old news, I know, but this could be the next great wave of graffiti, edible graffiti. Though it could also be considered just a prank or a malicious act (but really only if your a diabetic or an anorexic or have some food phobia), pieing really is a declaration of space and occupancy much like graffiti. This is a different way of tagging but actually marking the figure. It's saying "have your cake it and eat it too you jerk." From Wikipedia:: Pieing is the act of throwing a pie at an authority figure, politician, or celebrity as a means of protesting against the target's political beliefs, or against a perceived flaw — arrogance, hubris — in the target's character. Perpetrators generally regard the act as a form of ridicule to embarrass and humiliate the victim. In some US states 'pieing' may conform to definitions of battery, but not assault.
Now there is also caking which involves cake. Here is a healthy list by wikipedia as well of those who have been Pied. These delicious acts have been carried out not just by individuals but by brigades as well. Some to note are Les Entartistes,Biotic Baking Brigade, and Bakers Without Borders. An infamous one is the pie throwing anarchist Noel Godin. "We only attack the wicked--the great and the wicked," aka all politicians. When French Rally for the Republic party bigwig Nicolas Sarkozy visited Brussels in February, he was pursued through a downtown conference center by 30-odd people carrying pies and equipped with cameras. He was hit three times. "People are mad today, and this form of burlesque terrorism hurts nobody," says Van Hiel, Godin's companion and sometime accomplice. "The cream pie is the arm of the weak and powerless."

I was thinking how over architects I am. How pompous most of them are. How cocky they are. How many cocks they try to shove off as architecture.... I feel the time is now. YES NOW. For the people of the world to give them their "just desert." I am starting on a new mission. And it starts here::

Who's with me?

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