Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Where to go from here?

Here are the diagrams that I presented Oct 5th for a pin up that we had. Each of these four express the individual elements' typology: Homeless: This profiling system is the one from Homeless In Los Angeles:

Glory Holes: Looking at the possibilities for points of connection. Also the hole itself:

Bread Tabs- Looking at the body and the shape of each type, here, the most commonly found:

Fruit: Connecting through shared nutrients, the fruits can then be located in neighborhoods near the observer. The hopes for this is ultimately a website incorporating/collaborating with Fallen Fruit:

And how do these four systems/profiles converge?

element//disconnected from ///reabsorbed though

persons//society///plasma====>can be turned in to plastic for human transplant parts
Glory Holes=
organ//body///the device is now a point of connection, the wall is no longer a point of alienation
breadtab//function of closure///could be made by Polylimonene Carbonate, a plastic from orange rinds, or could be implanted with tracking devices like PITtags
fruit//industrial agriculture///neighborhood grown or integration and the awareness of these free floating fruit and excess garden vegetables, food for homeless persons

So where too now...
I am looking at how to communicate these points of intersection, looking specifically at film but also potentially max/msp/jitter.
Yet I really want to start to focus on the Jerusalem competition, pulling mainly from the glory holes. Looking for the wall that gives anonymity yet connection. What does a wall do normally? put ones in or out of exile. Also, just to throw this around, popularity as a form of a wall or exile.

What are the desires of exile?....

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