Sunday, October 14, 2007

the GOOD life

In the most recent issue of GOOD magazine, there was an article by Sam Slovick on Skid Row.

One poignant quote is :

“I been in the cut down here since I was strung-out kid,” says Menjivar. “These people, I know most of them by name by now. Down here are people doing things I still can’t believe, even though I see it every day. They’re living like animals, right by all the million-dollar lofts and all the yuppies practically running them over in their Beemers and Benzes. It’s America. That’s how we do it. At lease they’re not dumping people here as much anymore...You know, there’s a lot less people down here than there used to be. That’s a fact. What I would like to know is … exactly where the fuck did they all go? Where’d they bury the bodies?””—William Menjivar

Good question. Are "they" already making plastic out of homeless plasma? or are people just getting off the streets?

The article proceeds in saying how the homeless of Skid Row are migrating. In talking to Jeanette Rowe, who runs the Emergency Response Team for Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority, the location of the homelessness shift is revealed.

“The first call we got was from Little Tokyo, saying there were homeless encampments starting there,” she says. “It’s heading out to the South L.A. area and east towards Boyle Heights. We’ve also been finding families living in cars."
People are living in and out of welfare hotels next to sex offenders to move to temporary housing and then to a concoction called permanent affordable housing.

What is the problem? Housing! Homes! Is that what is missing just daily storage for the body?

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