Thursday, October 18, 2007

kingdom come!

"From the beginning of our republic," Elggren said, "we had it in our minds that everyone who is dead is automatically a citizen of Elgaland-Vargaland. And if any of them didn't want to be, they could file a complaint, and we would remove them from the list."

Welcome to Elgaland-Vargaland!

Never heard of it before?It's been around since 14th of March 199. Where is it? It's the area of all the borders between countries. The founders Leif Elggren and CM von Hausswolff are not by any means a Louis and Clark. They are two Swedish Artist's collecting the empty space, the contested space if you will. Not only do they hold claim to the No Man's Land or Border Crossings, they occupy digital and civic space. They define civic space as psychic, self contained and appear in every citizen's mind by will or chance.

The Hypnagogue State, the border area between waking and sleeping, is dreamspace where the citizen’s consciousness is still in operation and where the physical sensation of limitlessness occurs. One enters this area when they declare its existence as part of the kingdom.

The Escapistic Territory functions in the same way as the Hypnagogue State, but the citizen is awake. I would say this is almost like a waiting room, its where one dwells when wanting to go some where else. It's a daydreamscape of personal projection, the space you inhabit while you are there in a room but not there mentally. Other mental and civil territories could also be annexed such as the borderline zones of mental diseases, near death experiences, hypnosis and mesmerism, telekinetics, telepathy, suggestions, strokes, delirium, various influences of drugs (such as peyote, LSD, ecstasy, cannabis, thinner, ether, alcohol etc), speaking in tongues, religious ecstasy, artistic inspiration and expiration, possession by spirit, good or evil, dusk and dawn, terror, love, orgasm, interference, the state of contradiction or hesitation, hard disc crashes, computer viruses, frequencies, fission or the fusion of particles.

The Digital Room is a digitally programmed territory that is a borderless space; an existing
global meeting place.

So does the wall in Jerusalem count? Are we just adding more real estate to this new kingdom?

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