Thursday, September 27, 2007

Better Explained Intentions..

This is an email that I wrote to Ed Keller to tie everything together. I've been meaning to write this in the blog so I am going to just copy and paste.

Hello ed,
i wanted to give you more preface on what I'm doing. I haven't gotten every everything on the blog. I am profiling these 4 things to find the overlaps and unorthodox relationships through juxtaposition.
(placed in order of scale)
1.Homeless Persons
2. Glory Holes
3. Bread Tabs
4. Fruit

Each already have profiling systems that are imposed on them. The Homeless classifications are posted on my site, the glory holes are being collected by myself(ill describe my methods), the Bread tabs also have a system found at which is posted on the blog, and the fruit have the nutritional contents that are derived from their chemical make up.

All three have points of travel and anonymity. The homeless are separates from society, the glory hole separates the organ from the body, bread tabs become "homeless" after their purpose of closure is complete, they be come noise or litter in society. The fruit suffer from diaspora, as some oranges from california sit next to others from New Zealand at the Grocery store. Those fruit are "in" the system while the fallen fruit are not.

For collecting info on the glory holes,
I have created an alternate personality for myself. (no real name is picked yet) but *******@*****.com is a 23 year old bi male, with more details if necessary.
I have been baiting people on craigslist and also this to find out the location of these phenomena.

So where am I going with all of this...

Right now other than still collecting info and collaborators, I am trying to decide what medium to use for displaying all of this. I am working on a prototype for the fruit website, connecting the fruit by nutrients then location

the homeless and the bread tabs and glory holes are in the process of being mapped via
those have links to the blog.

i see all of this coming together in an amores perros fashion. the non connected interlaced in a narrative or something on those lines.

This led to long informative skype discussion. It was great. So more to come.

PLEASE IF YOU FIND ANY BREAD TABS or BREAD CLIP or what ever, please tell me where you found them and if you could take a photo of it. Thank you!

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