Wednesday, December 31, 2008

sitting here wishing on a cement floor...

post industrial bovine

Hold my breath for two more minutes. It's easier with your fist in my mouth. I can't really blame you for going with the flow of 10,000 cadavers and 3 more unknown.

It's a sign of our times,

this organic Molotov cocktail with silicon cherries on top. Lisa Frank still represents my inner monologue better than pork-less beans.

When you know

you're right you are most likely left of the manual spectrum. She was a cute little Asian girl with pigtails and keys. Not many complaints there other than temperature related scars. You can't tell me that

it's better

this way with Mars and Jupiter living in your veranda. Mr. Rodgers never held a kosher hand towards the direction of a nostalgic tomorrow. All I can say is that I have a masters degree and I am learning

to be solo.


Vspangle said...

you're getting more vibrantly brilliant with every encounter. I'm gonna keep up here. <3

aliah said...

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