Sunday, December 28, 2008

flash backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkks

When I was younger, my dad would watch this over and over. I was always fustraited with it because I felt nothing was happening. Just another stupid car movie. But as I grew up(!) I re watched it and recognize it for what it is:: a beautiful movie about the city of Paris, it's movement and flows. It's quite architectural and urban indulgent.

Some info on this film:: This beautiful example of cinema-verite', it was SO REAL that in 1976 he was arrested after this 1976 film, properly titled C'était un rendez-vous, was publicly shown. The car reportedly featured was a Ferrari 275 GTB being illegally driven at speeds approaching 140 km/h through the streets of Paris by a Formula 1 driver. Though recent claims by Claude Lelouch admit that he infact was the driver and it was only his Mercedes-Benz 450sel 6.9 and dubbed the Ferrari. Yes, the whole soundtrack is just the engine rev-ing.

This movie never really left my mind but a friend had it posted on his blog so it re-invigorated my memories. Check out preAMP! This blog is pretty fantastic.

What other car movies are at this caliber or zest? This is reminiscent for an assignment that Ed Keller gave us back in his seminar in Fall 2007. We had to record a linear progression through Los Angeles. My team of all cramped into my beetle with Valentina Vasi hanging out of the sun roof. We drove up 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th streets downtown, from bridge to highway on ramp. The most beautiful on ramp is the 4th street exit off the 110 going south. I have to re rip this footage. It's all on tapes in my room.

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