Thursday, February 28, 2008

then I put a bag over her head and closed my eyes and thought of you...

"The film of tomorrow will be made by adventures."

In this essay "You are all witness in this trial- French Cinema is withering under the burden of false legends," Truffaut reacts to the cinema of the time, May 1957. He's striving for the future, he's talking about us.

The film of tomorrow seems to me therefor more personal even than a novel individual and autobiographical, like a confession or like a personal diary Young filmmakers will express themselves in the first person and will tell us what happened to them: it might be the story of their first love or their most recent one, their finding a political consciousness, a travel journal, an illness, their military service, their marriage, their most recent vacation, and it will necessarily be likable because it will be true and new.
Welcome to indy cinema. Tickets are 4 bucks and we have organic popcorn from a machine we bought at the thrift store. What is this film that I am making? It is my love story with the city, or through the eyes of others who I have fallen in love with. That's where the previous selfish line comes from. But would Truffaut say I am selfish? Maybe I should be French.

The film of tomorrow will not be made by functionaries behind a camera but by artist for whom shooting a film constitutes a formidable and exalting adventure. The film of tomorrow will resemble the person who made it and the number of spectators will be proportionate to the number of friends the filmmaker has.
This is when advertising your films on facebook and myspace comes in handy. This is also congruent to the activities of YouTube. Sending links to your friends of the video that you made in response to the new Britney Spears fuck up. And then the loop begins.

Where from this does my loop begin? The loop from the gateway to the the roof, recycled through the free ways and the bridges until expelled out towards the ocean. Where does one sit, stare, dream, masturbate, touch, pick some one else's nose? Yea, I will admit to being guilty of taking experience as a generator. Is this movie about me or LA or our existence together? The city is trying to kill me. The city is trying to devourer me. The city can't stand to have me or let me leave.

The film of tomorrow will be an act of love.

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