Wednesday, February 27, 2008

reactions to love in lala land

here are the responses from the video that was posted before:

yes it is selfish.;.) but also full of humor. the one of the rare ones in the class that could go to absurdity.
i think you owe to yourself to blow this piece beyond recognition. it is not crazy enough yet, but has the ingredients.
look into Dada...
i prefer the exterior shots over more tasteful pictures of personal interiors which has a hint of petite bourgeoisie. fine, whatever it is, you can blow it out of proportion. thanks, it is courageous.

by Orhan Ayyüce

Tittsburgh. This piece is really great. Silicone city ... editorially it is really nice. The use of montage is pretty effective in delivering a story, a reality and ultimately somewhat of a position. I like the conjured subject matter (marriage, divorce, etc.)

I think while the photography is effective in its human eye quality "wash" it could have been a bit more worked out (possibly through more thorough scouting followed by more involved storyboarding). The points of view taken up are nice though.

The interior of the apartment seems to carry no role. Maybe the way the building was managed (slightly a la Polanski) could have given a clue.

The sound mix is very nice, but the mastering could have been worked out a bit more. The bathroom scene is a bit out of range.

That said, it is beautifully recursive, very poetic, has a side of humor without relying on it is to the point. In and out.



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