Thursday, February 7, 2008

love in LA LAnd

Welcome to the Fog Bank. The fog bank emerges via those who seek to stalk the ethical force we use to navigate its density. Juan Azulay is guiding us through this fogbank mess, or at least dispersing us like wild spores into the allergy season. We are looking at Los Angeles, LA LA LAnd. Above is the is a short still movie that I made for studio with some stories nested and no story at all. Watch it with out the sound first and then with sound for the full cinematic effect. I have no need to tell the story, but feel free to tell me your interpretations.

Another product from studio so far is a mashup with Entourage and Wattstax. This is a diagram of the use of the voyeuristic camera. Entourage, as a tv show, has many angles for the camera positions that are very similar to documentary shots. Documentaries, I have observed, are more constrained due to the lack of choreography and scripting. I would post it but I can't seem to compress the file.

I also did a mash up on Existing to Escape::Escape to Exist, mixing multiple movies about Los Angeles.

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