Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Exist to escape:: Escape to Exist

We come to Los Angeles to find a new life, new sunrise. We are all immigrants. We are all foreigner, aliens, robots. This is the new horizon. This is the baptism of the diry life style of the old east, the cold east.

“I came to make it in LA”

Drive across the country to salvation to the city of angels. Where are those angels? Am I an angel now that I am here? What am I? Part of this myth? Part of a new ecology? New because it is new to me and my info receivers but old and self reliant. Is it the flux that cant be contained? Is that why LA is a woman? Or is it more? Beyond feminism and male-ism, beyond gender and sex, its more what makes you fall in love with a place that you can’t wait to leave it? Is there some thing better out there? After you put all your eggs in one basket, move your life, loose your lovers in hopes to find a new terrain. How do you describe a lover to a friend, a stranger a past life,? How do I tell Pittsburgh, my bipolar girlfriend, about Los angels? How can I tell Los Angeles about the October skies over the City of Steel with its fire and brimstone of the blue collar love of materials? Los angels, Pittsburgh is in you. Pittsburgh you have LA. EXPOSE your connections. Show your tits.

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