Monday, February 16, 2009

making shaking

So I have been getting in to this. I want to work on this becoming more of a series. The crowds.

Tonight I went to see a friend from college, Jacob Ciocci's work at cinefamily theater on Fairfax. He is simply inspirational. Here's a small sample.

His work, as awesomely stimulating as it is clearly wraps up in a bow what my/our generation is exposed to. No wonder most of us have add or something along those lines. I mean it is great for multitasking. Even Benjamin Bratton said something about this in the class I had with him over the summer. He was commenting on how architecture students will have multiple screens and be watching multiple things at once while working on a maya model. I always found having a movie on the side or listening to books on tape/this american life/ or hulu I get more done. We have been growing up with a vomit of images in our faces from saturday morning cartoons to every pop up on the internets. (Please let there be no pop ups in Web 3.0!) So. The question is ... now what? Why isn't our archiectures conveying this also? Is it? is it too subtle? I want media vomit architecure. This is BEYOND surreal. Welcome to the AWEsome.