Monday, January 12, 2009


times are rough right now even down under. as you know we (valetina vasi, adrienne garcia, jessica rivera, and myself) have started a little art collective entitled get rid of white walls, or g.r.o.w.2 . We had our first show December 13 with more coming up.

Our efforts have inspired our Aussie friend and lover Danielle Peck to ignite the collective in Melbourne, where there is currently a housing crisis for students. Her Design For Change blog is quite informative and inspirational. She is planing an event to occur in the coming months so watch out.

A specific point of view of the housing crisis is that of S.H.A.C. or The Student Housing Action Cooperative. They are a group of students who formed together to take action on student housing affordability. They bring to the table a raising of awareness and petition universities and government. They have recently taken possession of four double story terrace buildings that have been vacant for three years. Property that was just siting wasting away. The property is owned by the University Of Melbourne. They are currently in negotiations with them to have it turned into a student run housing co-operative, which only makes sense.

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