Saturday, January 3, 2009

gonzo scrible.

Backseat Diplomat

Twenty four ears molded to cell phones and rebate commercials kept indigestion a hip thing. Do your gay neighbors sing that high too? Goofy two shoes went animal killing last week.

By this time

next month you'll be swallowing Viennese sausages for opportunities in carpel tunnel syndrome help circles. It's all just a bunch of verticies when it comes down to it. You hold my head better than anyone else

in my life.

Excuse the bumps, my scalp's a stress related landscape. Something you do for money. Somethings you do for love. You haven't done anything with your dead skin cells for months. With all this social networking and autoerotic texting

you'd think I'd know

more thank just a think or two. If this is why we can't have nice things how come you stopped brushing your teeth? Could you talk to me open mouthed in your car before I forget what you said

by now.

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