Friday, March 7, 2008

you have to love them but you cant give them love...

We are closer to the end. Mid term is next friday and the following deliverables are required:

1. Treatment: 1-3 Page document (illustrated or not) describing your project. It is written in prose and in present tense.
2. Screenplay: 10-15 page document (in screenplay format) that IS your project before it is shot. It can be written in a number of ways, this will be discussed further.
3. Characterization and Location Document: document where all the characters and locations (sometimes locations are characters) are described, cast, outlined, illustrated, photographed.
4. Visual Abstract: Diagrams (2D, 3D, Space-based and time-based), Maps, Still Photography, Storyboards analyzing and describing relationships and qualities of the project. This is the basis of the aesthetic aspect of your project.
5. Proof of Concept: Short schematic film excerpt/s (10 seconds) that show the dynamic of the project, visual effects tests if any, camera work basis, editorial direction, costuming, coloring, post production aesthetic, etc.

I have started on my characterization and location document.
I have an actress for the Main role. I am looking for others. I have all the roofs that I need now.
And I am only going to use 4th street ramp and the 4th street bridge so there is some slide that these events happen.

Thinking about the rooftops and other places: After seminar with Ed Keller, I realized what was missing....

What is the agency of the roof tops? Im going to go and work this out and have it ready for you by tomorrow.

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alpha said...

nina - I like aya's suggestion (and yours) that you shoot a small section of the project. The question is which one - and how many vectors travel through it. And how do you deal with its own plot (or sub-plot).

I think the Gondry/Bismuth method as an exterior would be a fanstastic thing to try, but I wonder how well it could work.

On the other hand you could take the idea of seeing everything and nothing at the same time and apply it to a different setup.