Monday, March 10, 2008

If Brown Bunny can get away with it....

New Grounds of LA. What happens in the new layer of flows.
What is it about Brown Bunny that makes it accessible.. enough to be credited. Granted I was not the biggest fan when I first watched it, but every time I think about it. It gains more credibility. It is about a self realization and a journey.

Isn't this story somewhere on those lines.

I know. I am grabbing in too many directions and spinning out of control at this point. I have left teasers I feel of methods on this blog as to what and how this story might start to resolve itself.
But I have no desire to start to interject a narrative that makes no sense, even if it is something based on my experiences and life. This is where the selfish ness comes back, thus Vincent Gallo reference.

I am having some anxiety of this thing becoming too abstract and artsy that its not going to make sense. Where do I draw the line. How do I edit this monster? It is all about perception. Is that ok?

Keep it simple? Can this be believable?

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