Monday, July 27, 2009

Twin City Suicide

Vampire mouths might trickle down extacy lane if you aren't careful. I've been here before December and I still fee l the bumps. Am I just slow or are you you not aware of dietary monogamy? Why should LA love me after vomiting on her roof tops and topless dancers?
can't see past my window with out a slutty cloud of population graphs. It's only indian music that you
stomach with kobe beef fast food. The pace of your eyelids is frozen for me. What was I doing here way other than sleeping next to your fragmented face. Ahoy matey, this ship don't stop for Thom Sawyer and any Yes song you can hum. The cigarettes
closer existence to your spectrum than my eyes. No matter, I'll get my own. It's only babysitting when your not drunk. Well excuse my outer body ethnographic experience but I can't hold this plate much longer. Are we beyond this or not even close to wadding afternoons under covers polluted with Seinfeld Dvds? So Minneahaha really fell hard off the rocks and snowcapped balls. Bobby Dylan and carpacio never let that big of a stain

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