Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Art delivery

Some might think that physical systems of information dispersion might be antique with the rise of twitter, iphones, and the new Google WAVE. Buy analog production still has value on our city streets, at least in Berlin. The project called Papergirl has been recruiting young Berliner on bikes to distribute rolls of art work much like an old fashioned paper boy. In 2005 the city of Berlin decided to fine any one pasting posters on public spaces. Aisha Ronninger, an art student, with her colleges brainstormed about how to bring art to public urban spaces. They pass out art in public while riding their bikes through the city. This has now become a well-established happening in the city. Hundreds of artworks on paper are sent from all over the worlds to Papergirl team. Anyone can participate from art students to doodling taxi drivers. They just ask for a minimum of 2 artworks.

"The basic idea with the project is to bring art to the public in a different way from normal; to surprise people and bring them into contact with art in their everyday life.”

I would like to start one in LA. If you are interested in 1. being on the street team or 2. sending art, please email me.


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