Saturday, September 26, 2009

un stuck.

Bye Bye Bucky Blue Eyes

Greedy grape kissers kept inventory over ape shit. I thought recipes and calculators expired monthly in your mouth by really it was all the time in your hands. Call it namesakes because
that's how
we re wrote continental histories. African food stores diligent soap operatic one week newsstands waiting for our discovery. Was it after the strip tease
I stopped
wet landing the basic bed sheets your sweaty face pollinated? I hope pigtails and nose rings were only epoxy and flux for lady tar tar. Ten points for you dodging out of knee busting cinema sluts. if only the whole tale poked looser holes in my body bag. It's an Indian summer and I am not as fly as the mosquitoes
wanting you.

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katie said...

to place a body, step our bodies, secret and wound past rivers- stick to space like a map!