Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Architecture is not the best thing to be in right now, but neither are a lot of "creatively" professional office jobs. When life throws you lemons, make lemonade.... This documentary, Lemonade, is about just that. More than 70,000 advertising professionals have lost their jobs in this “Great Recession.” Lemonade is about what happens when people who were once paid to be creative in advertising are forced to be creative with their own lives.

I graduated from SCIARC the week that everything fell last year. We are coming up to a year of recession. It feels like forever but also yesterday. Many young (and old) architects who have gone to school and slaved romantically over work for years got the pink slip saying, we can't pay you, we don't have enough projects, you are let go... I applied for EVERY job you can imagine and was fortunate to join the family at Locali. Since working there, I've lost weight, gotten better eating habits, and am probably am in the best shape in my life since high school. Though this is not a long term stop in my road of life, it has been great to let me think and take time to repackage myself. It is a whole new education.

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