Saturday, May 24, 2008

Turn To Tapeside B?

So once again this blog will change its main forging forces. As you can see below, the movie is done. I am working on packaging it for those who want a copy. I will come with a small zine holding the contents of the this very here blog! Whoo hoo.

A new semester. A new year of my life (on both counts for those who know what I'm counting about.) What to record now? My studio project is taking a thesis turn. And I feel like this blog will still show some of the happenings and mishaps that I make happen. But, the project(s) tittle will be InhabOrg, just to be coy. It's the inhabitable organism blog I have been working one with Shields and Jenna.

But this is good space to document my other endeavors, aka explorations with max/msp/jitter. Also, I've befriended an amazing brilliant artist/filmaker/actor/everything while on my adventure to NYC. Please check his work out. Fritz Donnelly. He will have his piece Videopedia playing at the New Museum, nyc. I had the opportunity to do the camera work for a recent short. "Dress me up and tell me what to do" Of course, I had him in a large cardboard box. This video is "Pull" from Videopedia. I will post the other one when I can get it from him.. or the link. etc.

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