Tuesday, June 24, 2008

repost:: mani-pul-ation

This is the proposal for an installation I am making for the Downtown Los Angeles Film Festival . This is exploring some of the points in Level 1 of the steps to Inhaborg. This is also for a class I am taking with MarkDavid Hosale. So by the end of it (or at least August 8th) I will know how to get my little arduino board up and running.

Please keep checking the inhabitable organism blog because that's what's been taking most of my energy. Though, I have more to bring to these pages also.

Friday, June 6, 2008

and then sanford came to town...

Digital Pleistocene! The past 2 days have been filled with a plethora of intoxicating info streams all starting from the word "ecology." (notice the wikipedia hyper link) The second thing is "social" and the third is "predator-prey" relations. I am no going to give you the entire synopsis of events but let's say my other new adventure is researching and compiling a small archive of info on bonobo ape. They are the only other mammal that mates face to face other than humans. So expect more bonobo posts quite soon.